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Come enjoy camping again....

Let's face it ...
Going camping can be a lot of work. First you have to hookup your camper to your vehicle, then load it up with all your gear, then drive all the way to the campground, hoping they have a spot because you forgot to reserve one again. Then you get there, great, they have a spot, but now you've got to park your camper, then unhook it, set it all up, connect the water and electric, and level it out so the fridge will work. Then you can relax for a day or so. Then do it all over again to go home. What if there was a way to eliminate about 90% of all that work? Guarantee a spot, and save money too! Would you be interested in that?

Camping... a lot of work? Not anymore.
Read on fellow camper ...

Introducing Stow & Stay


Is the hassle of hooking up your camper, towing it all the way to the campground, then unhooking it and setting it up so great that you hardly ever go camping anymore? We have the answer. Stow & Stay. Bring your camper to our campground, set it up one time in an electric/water site, and leave it.** We will store it for you until next time, guarded 24/7 by security cameras. Never worry about vacancies again. Save money on gas by not towing a camper every weekend. Save time by not having to hookup it up to haul it, and then set it up. No more trying to set up your camper in the dark. No more hassle. Save money by getting free nights after staying a few paid nights. Rates are below. Just let us know you're coming a couple of days before you arrive. Eliminate the hassle with Stow & Stay. Come and enjoy camping again. TIP: Great for weekend hunters or anglers!

Rates for Stow & Stay. For regular rates, see the rates page.

   Type of SiteMonthly Storage FeeNightly FeePaid NightsFREE Nights

Pay just your first 7 nights plus the monthly storage fee, and stay the remainder of the 30 days free! Stay as often as you like! Come to the lake every weekend. Just hop in the car and go. No trailer hassle anymore. Not available for tent or full-hookup sites.

** Stow & Stay Departure Checklist

Make sure that you read Campground Rule 19 here and that before
you leave you take care of the following 10 items:
  1. properly store/secure any lightweight outside items such as lawn chairs, small potted plants, etc, that might be blown away in a high wind or storm. If you leave bicycles, lock them securely, or store them inside your camper,
  2. secure/remove any valuables such as jewelry, firearms and small electronics such as laptops, GPS units, cameras, video game stations, etc.,
  3. close and lock all windows, overhead vents, and close all blinds/shades,
  4. remove any food items that will spoil before your return,
  5. turn off all lights, appliances, and heating and air-conditioning systems,
  6. thoroughly douse your campfire/grill with water until completely out, and clean the grill,
  7. turn off the water faucet, and in the winter, drain all the water from the hose to prevent freezing, then store your hose and your electric cord in a locked compartment,
  8. lock your camper door(s), make sure all outside storage compartments are locked,
  9. deposit all your bagged trash in the dumpster,
  10. notify staff you are leaving and, if known, let us know your anticipated return date.

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Your survey responses will be used to help improve our campground. Your feedback is
very important to us. You will also be automatically entered in our
contest for 2 FREE nights at CHC.

Official Contest Rules


  1. You must have spent at least one night at the campground.
  2. You must fill out and submit the survey.
  3. All completed surveys will be entered in the drawing for 2 free nights. (Value up to $60)
  4. Contest runs until May 31st, 2017 at 11:59 pm ET. The winning entry will be drawn by computer on June 1st, .
  5. Winner will be notified by email within 2 business days. Do not delete this email. It contains a 6 digit code number you will need at check-in to claim your 2 free nights. The best solution is to print the email and bring that, along with a picture ID when you come to check-in.
  6. Winner has 7 days to respond to the email or another winner will be drawn.
  7. Winning entry must be redeemed on 2 consecutive nights
  8. Winning entry must be redeemed by December 31st, . May not be redeemed for cash.
  9. Winner may choose type of site, based on availability at time of check-in.
  10. Rules vary for long-term campers

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