Campground Rules

Please read these rules carefully and help us keep CHC a peaceful place to camp.
Remember, it is your responsibility to be familiar with these rules and abide by them.

These rules also apply to your visitors. This page was last updated on ,
and shows the current rules in effect. If you have any questions about any of these rules,
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Important Burn Ban Information


1.  Check in time is 12:00 noon - 5:00 p.m. After hours check in is available (Please call ahead and let us know approximately what time you will arrive). Check-out time is by 11:00 a.m. 
2.Quiet Time is 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Children should be in family campsite during quiet times.
3.Quiet pets are welcome but only two per campsite. However, ALL PETS must be on a leash any time they are outside your camper. Pets are not to be left alone and must always be attended when outside. You must clean up after your pets and are responsible for any damage they cause to the property of others.
4.Bagged trash and garbage should be deposited in our dumpster. Please help us keep the campground clean. Do not litter the grounds with cigarette butts and debris. The dumpster is emptied very early on Friday mornings. If you find the dumpster too full to close properly, please do not put your bag in or leave it on the ground. Waste Management considers it overfilled when the lid won't close and they charge us $125 for each time it is overfilled. There is a secondary dumpster 1/4 mile up Old Buffalo Valley Rd. Take a right out of the campground. Pease take your overflow trash to that dumpster.
5.Bathhouse use by children should be under the supervision of an adult.
6.No dishwashing in the bathhouse.
7.Obscene language and excessive use of alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
No loud music or TV's. This is NOT a "Party" campground. See Rule 21.
8.Center Hill Campground maintains a strict ZERO TOLERANCE drug policy. See Rule 20.
9.Water faucets must be turned off when not in use. Please, no vehicle or boat washing.
10.Sewer connections must be covered at all times. Do not drop debris in sewer lines.
11.During the fall and winter  NO ELECTRIC HEATERS . Propane only. During the spring and summer, if your camper is going to be vacant for more than 2 hours, please turn off your air-conditioning.
12.Visitors are welcome. Please ask them to check in at the campground office. Only 2 vehicles per site are allowed.
13.Please park boats and personal water craft in boat parking area. Contact the Campground Manager.
14.Please confine your property to your site only. If you need additional space, we will try to accommodate you.
15.Please observe our speed limit of 5 mph and watch for children.
16.No discharging of fireworks or firearms on CHC property, unless special permission has been granted by the campground manager. Usually on holidays like the 4th of July and Memorial Day. But you MUST obtain permission first, and you must follow the Manager's guidelines. ABSOLUTELY NO FIREWORKS DURING BURN BANS.
17.Campfires are only allowed in fire rings. Check the weather and avoid burning on low humidity (less than 30%), windy days. Although we usually have a small amount of firewood available, we recommend you bring your own. Do not use gasoline on the fire. Do not leave campfires unattended. Do not let the fire get too large. Make sure fire/grill is out completely by thoroughly dousing with water before you leave. Please clean the grill after use, including emptying the ashes.
DO NOT put hot ashes in the trash or on the ground. Check this page for information about burn bans. Notice will also be posted on the bathhouse during these bans. These bans do not usually apply to grill use.
18.Obey all signs and directives of campground personnel. NO SOLICITING. You may not operate a business out of the campground.
19.No responsibility for loss by fire, damage due to weather, theft, accidents or any other means is assumed by the campground ownership or personnel.
20.Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Management assumes no responsibility for actions or safety of guests or visitors. Guests or visitors who violate park rules or violate the law [CAMPGROUND IS UNDER VIDEO SURVEILLANCE AND WE CALL THE POLICE], will be asked to leave immediately and will FORFEIT ANY REFUND.
21.Please ...


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