Center Hill Campground

1581 Wolf Creek Road
Silver Point, TN 38582
(931) 858-1551

Stow & Stay Departure Checklist

Please make sure that you read Rule 19 below and
that before you leave you take care of the following 10 items:
  1. properly store/secure any lightweight outside items such as lawn chairs, small potted plants, etc, that
    might be blown away in a high wind or storm. If you leave bicycles, lock them securely, or store them inside your camper.
  2. secure/remove any valuables such as jewelry, firearms and small electronics such as laptops, GPS units, cameras, video game stations, etc.,
  3. close and lock all windows, overhead vents, and close all blinds/shades/curtains.
  4. remove any food items that will spoil before your return,
  5. turn off all lights, appliances, and heating and air-conditioning systems,
  6. thoroughly douse your campfire/grill with water until completely out, and clean the grill,
  7. turn off the water faucet, and in the winter, drain all the water from the hose to prevent freezing, then store your hose and your electric cord in a locked compartment or inside your camper,
  8. lock your camper door(s), make sure all outside storage compartments are locked,
  9. deposit all your bagged trash in the dumpster,
  10. notify staff you are leaving and, if known, let us know your anticipated return date.

Campground Rules
19.  No responsibility for loss by fire, damage due to weather, theft, accidents or any
other means is assumed by the campground ownership or personnel.