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How to Complete your Registration Form and Then Submit it to Us

Read Step 1 and Step 2 fully before starting. Also, if you haven't already, read the Campground Rules found on the Rules page.
This form does not reserve a site for you, it merely speeds up the check in process.

Step 1.

Form Completion

First, download and install the Free Foxit PDF Reader Trial. After the installation is complete, download the Registration Form and save it to your desktop so you can find it. Open the Blank reservation Form2.pdf from your desktop in Foxit PDF by double-clicking on it. Now you're ready to fill out the form. Select 'Home' at the top, left. Select the typewriter tool from the menu. Click on the 'Name' field on the form, change the font color (upper left) to black, type in the info. Continue on selecting fields and typing until you have completed the form. If you make a mistake, select the Typewriter tool, click on the incorrect entry. A selection box will outline the entry. Press delete. Click on the field again. Retype the correct info. This can be done even after the form is saved. Please complete all fields except the 'Notes Reserved for Tech Support' field, and any shaded fields. On the fields where you must choose an option such as 'Tent', 'Water/Elec', 'Full Hookup', etc., click on the the appropriate diamond marker, and type a capital X. Here's a sample of a correctly filled out form. We will accept your typed signature as your valid signature.

After the form is completed, choose 'File >> Save As', navigate to your Desktop on the right and name the file using the following format, 'Registration Form [Firstname][Lastname].pdf' where [Firstname][Lastname] contains the names of the responsible party for each site. For example "Registration Form John Doe.pdf". Save the file. Repeat this process for each form you are sending. Remember, you must use one form for each site you are reserving. EXCEPTION: If you are reserving sites for a large group of tents, with one responsible party, such as a scout troop or church group, it may be possible to use one form. Please leave a message on our Tech Support line at (770) 633-7482 and someone will call you back ASAP with instructions allowing you to possibly use just one form. In this case, do not go to step 2 until you have heard from Tech Support. When completed, review your entries, correct any errors, save the file, then you may close Foxit PDF and go to Step 2.

Step 2.

Form Submission

Complete Step 1. Now go to the Primary Contact Form Here, number 4 on the 'Contact Us' page. Fill out the form. Please put 'Registration Form' in the subject field. Type your message. When you get to the File Upload field, click on 'Add File', locate the registration form you just saved and select it. Click 'Open'. This will upload the file. Repeat as necessary for each completed form. You may attach as many forms or files as you like (up to 10 mb total, about 7 forms). When all uploads are complete, and you're ready to send the form, click 'Send This Message to Center Hill Campground' and you're done. You will get a confirmation page, and then an email once we actually receive the file(s). If there are any problems with your registration forms, we will be in touch via the email address you supplied. registration forms are typically processed within 2 hours during business hours, 9am-5pm, and longer after hours, but still same-day processing.

If you require any further assistance, please leave a message on our
Tech Support line at (770) 633-7482 and someone will return your call ASAP.
Tech Support is usually available from 9:00am to 11:00pm Eastern Time,
7 days a week, including all holidays.